Climate Change Youth Ambassadors

We at AFG know that teens are increasingly aware of the challenges facing our planet. We also know that teens are extremely frustrated by the limited outlets they have at their disposal to evoke the change they want to see. Our Climate Change Youth Ambassador program provides a platform for teens equipped with the best combination of social media skills, passion and drive who are eager to get hands on knowledge of forest conservation and establish themselves as active participants in the climate debate.

Meet our Ambassadors

Juan José Bestene

Jose is an advocate for social, environmental and political change. He has participated in 14 Model United Nations conferences, across four continents, since 2018 and volunteered on a number of programmes for CISV, an organisation dedicated to building leadership-skills to promote peace through multi-cultural understanding.

“Seeing the great climate challenge that humanity is facing, I feel like I have a responsibility in doing my part to preserve the ecosystems upon which we depend on.”

Maia Rodriguez

Maia is currently the Sustainability President at the Global College in Madrid. She comes from a family of Spanish vignerons and, therefore, grown up working very closely with nature, learning wine-making skills and developing a deep sense of what sustainability means in practice. She recently participated in a six-week course on animal behavior at Wageningen University and has brand experience creating social media campaigns directed at younger audiences.

“Nature has done so much for us and it is now our turn to fight for what we believe is truly important.  Although we are young, it is our responsibility to give insight to future generations on our current situation and prioritize our planet.”

Manuela Blázquez Barrero

Manuela is an award-winning graphic artist whose work demonstrating the importance of nature in Europe was recently recognized by the University of Extremadura. She is a creative with a strong social purpose and skilled in social media as well as digital drawing.

“I am a creative who loves contributing my skills to create impactful changes to improve our world and society.”

Blanca Bruyelle

Blanca Bruyelle is an animal lover, always having lived close to horses and dogs. She has a keen interest in social and environmental issues and is committed to giving a voice to her generation’s worries and values.

“We all have the chance to make a difference in this world and engage ourselves in protecting our endangered planet. Because we would be nothing without our essence, we need to take care of it, our nature.”